Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Hotpot Night

One of our  Hotpots
So last week, my family and I had a big hotpot night and it was so much fun!! Hotpot is basically a "Chinese Fondue" where a pot of simmering stock is located in the center of the dining table and members/guests add in meats or vegetables to cook. It's a great experience that allows family members to converse while they wait for the food to cook. Since we are a big family, we had three hotpots on three gas burners going (except I got my own pot because I am a vegetarian.) My family are huge seafood fans so most of our options were fish and shellfishes. We had many different vegetables such as pea sprouts, Chinese celery,spinach, enoki and king oyster mushrooms; and taro roots. We had beef and lamb slices; eggs, shrimp, squid and mussels; king cod fillets, lobster and shrimp balls. My vegetarian choices included, the vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, tofu, veggie balls, and veggie crab sticks as well as veggie sausages and fish cakes. Oh, and to accompany all the other ingredients are udon noodles, buckwheat noodles, egg noodles, wonton noodles and rice noodles. So here are some pics of that fun night, photographs taken by my cousin.
The Family
Buckwheat noodles and Meat
Vegetables and Seafood

Cooked Seafood Udon with Egg

My Veggie Hot pot
My Veggie Stuff

My Cousin and me poaching an egg
My brother (in the yellow) and Cousin
My cousin and my mom in background


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