Thursday, October 27, 2011


Geese egg, duck eggs, factory-produced hen eggs, quail eggs

I am always amazed at the selection of eggs available in the markets in Vietnam. You get the factory produced eggs, the range eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, geese eggs, ostrich eggs and of course, different types of balut (which I will not discuss now).
Anywhos, I went out and got a few selections and the kinds I fancy most are duck eggs and geese eggs. Duck eggs are hard to come by in the western world and geese eggs are just as rare.

During my stay in Vietnam, I had nice sunny-side up hen eggs with Vietnamese baguette. Yet, since I have adventurous culinary-blood, I decided to poach duck eggs and soft boil geese eggs in the following days, to see what the difference in texture and taste would be like. And I must say...poached duck eggs are supremely delish and geese eggs have a fantastically big, rich yolk.

Hen Eggs

Sunny-side up hen eggs
 Duck egg-whites are firmer than hen eggs and the yolk is much bigger. To some, duck eggs may have a distinct smell, most likely due to the fact that ducks are water birds.

poached duck eggs

Look at the gooold!!
 I soft boiled a geese egg but forgot to take a picture...oops. Geese eggs are not "smelly" like it's duck counterpart and are much larger in yolk size. The yolk thickens quicker though, so eating it is tricky when you have so much gold to mop up with your bread :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Craving Cake!

So...Vietnamese cakes are one of the best in the world, in my opinion. For my 18th birthday last year, I had a HUGE cake custom-made with an aromatic and sweet cheese-batter, similar to a Japanese cheesecake, with strawberry and whipped cream as a filling. It was HEAVEN. So, of course, I craved it...
Since I currently am in Vietnam, I went out and ordered one. While ordering, I was eying a cake up and down so I bought that cake for the day and the cheesecake for the next. My family in Vietnam thought it was somewhat abnormal to have cake without a reason was simple; I craved it.

So, the first cake I bought was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. The filling was something like a pineapple chutney, which was okay...just sucked that they didn't offer chocolate-battered cakes...

The second cake, for the second day, was, of course, the cheese-cake. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I was very impressed by the decor, white chocolate roses and all...even if the cake got a bit smooshed during transport. Only thing is, the cheese wasn't as pre-dominant as the one in my birthday cake...oh wellz.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rather than Cooking Food...Let's Ink Food!

Awesome sleeves!
It's mid-way into October and I have not been in the mood or mentality to whip any delicious dishes up. And yes, I have been eating, thanks...just not anything special or really good...lotsa junk and comfort foods, like mashed potatoes with corn and (veggie) gravy; macaroni, spaghetti, curry...chips...and yeah...
Basically I've been a sad panda...and stressed out so cooking is a no-no.

So, instead of featuring any dishes or recipes, I am going to do a tribute to tattoos, since body art strikes a harmonic cord in my soul and food is saturated into my heart.
And before you go ahead and judge or whatever, just appreciate the artistry of the tattoo, not the who, what, where and why's of the tat. It's art, deal with it.
So here ya go.

I love this one

Death before Decaf. True that.
Breakfast head.






Ok...not food...but still!