Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wall of Vegetarians

The 14th Dalai Lama (1935-present)

 I was just browsing around the internet, researching up Sir Ian McKellen when I stumbled upon the fact that he is a vegetarian. So I decided to make a small tribute to all the self-proclaimed vegetarians from our past and present, no matter who they identified themselves as; gay, smart, evil or just plain talented. I know being a vegetarian may not seem like a big deal to some people but believe it or not, it becomes quite exhausting and life changing- especially when you are surrounded with family or friends who consume meat and/or have a hard time understanding vegetarianism. The following figures have their own personal reasons for being a vegetarian and I believe we must respect their choice and vegetarian lifestyle, no matter what their reputation was or is. (Note: Some of these figures may be very controversial and as much as I respect your opinion/views, I must ask that you do not comment with hate or 'bash' any of these figures. Thank-you)

Voltaire, philospoher (1694-1778)
Leonardo da Vinci  (1452-1519)(1452-04-15)

Albert Einstein, genius(1879-1955) (1879-03-14)
Gandhi,spiritual leader (1869-1948) (1869-10-02)
Lord Byron, poet (1788-1824)(1788-01-22)

Adolf Hitler, dictator (1889-1945)
Shania Twain, singer(1965-present)(1965-08-2
Jim Carrey, actor (1962-present) (1962-01-17)

Sir Ian McKellen, actor (1939-present) (1939-05-25)

Portia de Rossi, actress(1973-present) (1973-01-31-presn-
Ellen DeGeneres (1958-present) (1958-01-26)


Tobey Maguire, actor (1975-present)(1975-06-27-present
Anne Hathaway (1982-present) (1982-11-12)

Mr. Fred Rogers, TV host (1928-2003)

k.d lang,singer(1961-present)(1961-11-02)
Paul McCartney, musician (1942-present) (1942-06-18)

Rob Zombie (1965-present)(1965-01-12-
k-os, singer (1972-present) (1972-02-20

Michael Jackson, King of Pop (1958-2009) (1958-08-29)


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