Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vegetarian Dim Sum

From top left, clock wise: Shrimp Dumplings, Sticky Rice and Pork Dumplings
When I was still an omnivore, I LOVED Dim Sum. I was a Dim Sum psycho. For those who don't know what "Dim Sum" is, it is a way of eating originated in China, where small portions of dishes are pushed on trolleys to your table and you choose what you want to eat, while drinking tea and conversing with family or friends. The usual time for Dim Sum starts from early morning till a little pass noon, so basically brunch. In simpler terms, it's basically a Chinese buffet brunch that comes to your table. Dishes include steamed buns and dumplings as well as deep fried goodness. For more information visit Wikipedia for all your inquiries.
Shrimp Dumpling
So a couple days ago I went to my local Vegetarian Warehouse (where they sell pre-made veggie goodness and are frozen for your convenience) and found out that they had vegetarian dim sum. I was soooo stoked! They had veggie shrimp dumplings and pork dumplings as well as BBQ pork buns and sticky rice. Since being a vegetarian, it has been difficult to go and enjoy dim sum with my family because the choices for vegetarians are limited. I usually settle for onions cakes and desserts because most or all of the options include meat or seafood. So, after this discovery, I bought a package each of the dumplings and the sticky rice as a trial since I wasn't sure I'd like it. So, last night, for dinner, I steamed up these delectables and indulged myself.

Sticky Rice
Though the appearance of the food was satisfying, I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it tasted. The sticky rice filling was a tad bland. The shrimp dumpling did not have veggie shrimp and the pork dumplings only had turnips, carrots and mushrooms, lacking the protein. My over all disappointment was the fact that the aroma and taste of roasted sesame oil was no where to be found or hinted since it is the vital flavor enhancement in all dim sum dishes. I would probs rate this a 3/5 because of the good shrimp dumpling shell and the presentation, but other than that, they can improve on taste. I might have to make my own again....

Pork Dumplings


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