Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuffed Squid

Something new! Stuffed squid is one of the luxury dishes in Vietnamese cuisine and the basic stuffing mixture is made of pork ground, clear vermicelli and wood ear mushrooms, green onions and seasonings. My version of the stuffing included lean pork ground, cooked quinoa, green onions and seasonings. I stuffed all that goodness into two large tubular squids, which I have gutted and cleaned earlier. the traditional method would have been to use baby squid, but that is just too time consuming for me.
Before deep-frying the stuffed squids, I closed the squid opening with small bamboo skewers and emerged the squids into boiling water for around 2 minutes to blanch and precook the squid in order to lock in moisture and flavor. I had a wok filled with canola oil and I fried those two suckers until golden brown and when the center of the tube was firm but bouncy (indicating that the filling is also cooked).
I served the squid with a creamy coconut curry sauce with steamed rice and sauteed white asparagus. Family loved it, so this is a definite repeat dish!



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