Friday, April 29, 2011

Steamed Tilapia with Black Bean Sauce

I absolutely love cooking with fish and seafood because it is very fast and easy to prepare. As bonus, this Tilapia came gutted and scaled so preparation was even easier (I made sure to rinse it in cold water and removed the coagulated  blood along bones inside the fish to remove the fishy stench, as well as the fins and part of the tail). The sauce was very easy to do, just a  few tablespoons of sweet fermented black beans, soy sauce, brown sugar, and sesame oil-all to your taste really. Before pouring the sauce on the fish, I stabbed the poor thing a couple times on each side with a small pointed knife then sparingly rubbed the fish with salt and pepper, outside and inside. I added sliced green onions and ginger into it's gill cover and it's stomach to further remove the strong fishy odor, and the remaining I placed on top. Spoon the sauce over and inside the Tilapia, shake on some ground pepper and steam over high heat for 20-22 minutes. And Voila, serve with hot rice and you are set!!


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