Saturday, March 5, 2011

Homemade Extra Firm Tofu

I've wanted to try and make tofu for a while now, and after accidentally stumbling upon a simple recipe that uses the Golden Pineapple Grinder, I decided to try it out today. After the 24 hour soaking process of soybeans, I set up my machine and started the grinding. The only "hard" part of making this tofu is the boiling of the soy milk (it can easily burn if you have pieces of rind in the milk; because I've made soy milk countless times before, the whole cooking process of the soy milk was a real breeze for me: no burning or over flow. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of lime juice but I wanted firm tofu so I added an extra tablespoon or so (I also added more weight to remove as much water as I can). If you want medium tofu, I suggest following the recipe or remove a tablespoon from the 1/4 cup and lessen the weight.
It's very easy to do if you have the grinder but if not, a blender will work but you'll need to use more muscle to squeeze the excess milk from the soy pulp.
I've just been eating my tofu with soy sauce or with some salt n' pepper. Too good (and lazy) to do something else with it lol! It's very good warm, and there is a bit of a tangy-ness from the lime but it is very faint.


The curds forming after the lime juice

Straining through a cheese cloth and strainer
Weights (4 gallons of water and a few extra lbs)

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  1. Does lime juice make firmer tofu than nigari or can you use a mixture of both for super firm?