Monday, March 14, 2011

Jalapeno and Cheese Buns

I went into my local produce shop and they had Jalapenos on sale. I usually never cook with these spicy, green and fat peppers but I had a chunk of cheese at home. So this was the equation (haha I sound smart) running through my head.
Jalapenos + Cheese = Jalapeno and Cheese Buns
Yum yum yum!! I used a simple recipe for whole wheat bread and rolled it out, sprinkled the dough with grated cheese and chopped Jalapenos. I rolled the entire thing up like a cinnamon bun and sliced that sucker up. I brushed each of the tops with milk and topped with sliced Jalapenos.
Yum, yum, yum!!!

And I also made Cilantro and Black Pepper buns because we had SO MANY cilantro bunches.


  1. I'm not that fond of jalapenos, but this looks like it can be done with almost any kind of topping! =3 I gotta try this out sometime!

  2. @The Fool
    You're right! Cherry tomatoes, bell peppers,olives, anything that goes with cheese would be awesome!
    Good Luck and have fun when you do! ^_^