Sunday, November 28, 2010

Canadian Dirt Cups

 I haven't made a dessert in a while and this idea came from a very strange tale. I was on a bus, going home one evening and I noticed the snow-covered ground. However, it has been warm, therefore, snow has melted, mixed with dirt creating mush and mud. And of course, my culinary mind exploded in ecstasy and I got this crazy idea. Dirt cups, a dessert made of layer cookie crumbles and chocolate pudding. What makes the dessert are the worms that are present, poking out of the layers like real worms poking out of the earth. However, here in Canada, especially where I live, it gets very cold. So, thus I got the idea of placing the worms at the bottom of the cup (hibernating, I guess) continuing the layers of the crumbles (dirt) and pudding (mud). At the top is vanilla ice cream, representing the snow we get. Yummeh but next time I'll use mousse instead of pudding for a lighter treat.
I used Berkley vanilla ice cream; Jello pudding powder; oreo cookie crumbles; and regular gummy worms. The worms weren't as vibrant as I wanted but they worked.



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