Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rather than Cooking Food...Let's Ink Food!

Awesome sleeves!
It's mid-way into October and I have not been in the mood or mentality to whip any delicious dishes up. And yes, I have been eating, thanks...just not anything special or really good...lotsa junk and comfort foods, like mashed potatoes with corn and (veggie) gravy; macaroni, spaghetti, curry...chips...and yeah...
Basically I've been a sad panda...and stressed out so cooking is a no-no.

So, instead of featuring any dishes or recipes, I am going to do a tribute to tattoos, since body art strikes a harmonic cord in my soul and food is saturated into my heart.
And before you go ahead and judge or whatever, just appreciate the artistry of the tattoo, not the who, what, where and why's of the tat. It's art, deal with it.
So here ya go.

I love this one

Death before Decaf. True that.
Breakfast head.






Ok...not food...but still!



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