Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Grown Tomatoes and Chinese Roasted Pork

Today, the majority of my tomatoes have fully ripened and I am very proud of them. When I look at these vibrant fruits, I feel very, very happy! They bring me great pride. My favorite type of tomato is the Cherokee purple, a type of heirloom tomato that is sweet and great with balsamic reduction and olive oil.  I still have a box of tomatoes that are on their way to ripening.

Also today, a little ceremony took place in my house as an offering to spirits who may have wondered into our house during our renovations. As according to tradition, we pray and offer flowers, fruits and meat as a way to respect these spirits so that may leave us with good luck and not misbehavior or bad fortune. The meat that we offered was chunks of Chinese Roasted Pork, equaling at around 12 lbs altogether. Traditionally, we should have offered an entire pig but that would have scared the crap out of my brother and their would not have been a lot of meat.
What makes me rave about the pork is that this local business offers the best roasted pork throughout of Edmonton. The shop is called Tran Minh, located in Chinatown. The family is very cheerful and accommodating to what you would like, whether it be lean cuts, less sweet, full meals, or just a few slices of sausage for a snack, they would be happy to oblige. My family enjoys minimal pieces of fat in our pork, and lots of meat. I never knew it was possible to have such little amounts of fat in Chinese Roasted pork but, as seen in the photos, all you can see is a huge piece of savory and succulent meat, with an extremely crispy skin.
This place is an absolute must for Edmontonions with a palette for Chinese roasted pork.


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