Monday, October 24, 2011

Craving Cake!

So...Vietnamese cakes are one of the best in the world, in my opinion. For my 18th birthday last year, I had a HUGE cake custom-made with an aromatic and sweet cheese-batter, similar to a Japanese cheesecake, with strawberry and whipped cream as a filling. It was HEAVEN. So, of course, I craved it...
Since I currently am in Vietnam, I went out and ordered one. While ordering, I was eying a cake up and down so I bought that cake for the day and the cheesecake for the next. My family in Vietnam thought it was somewhat abnormal to have cake without a reason was simple; I craved it.

So, the first cake I bought was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. The filling was something like a pineapple chutney, which was okay...just sucked that they didn't offer chocolate-battered cakes...

The second cake, for the second day, was, of course, the cheese-cake. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I was very impressed by the decor, white chocolate roses and all...even if the cake got a bit smooshed during transport. Only thing is, the cheese wasn't as pre-dominant as the one in my birthday cake...oh wellz.


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