Monday, October 25, 2010

Instant Miso Ramen

Noodles, broth, coddled egg, naruto maki, chikuwa, and crab sticks

It snowed today in good ol' Edmonton and on cold days, I like to enjoy hot soups and drinks to keep me warm and cozy. I have been feeling better and decided to get back into the kitchen since I am getting very tired of rice porridge (or congee) with scallions....
So for dinner today, I made a quick miso ramen with vegetarian seafood toppings such as veggie crab sticks, veggie chikuwa (tube fish cakes), veggie naruto maki (pink slices) and for extra protein, a coddled egg. Ramen noodles was from a package of instant noodles (which I discarded of the powder). Quick miso broth made from water, miso paste, salt, pepper, mirin, sesame oil, mushroom granules and brown sugar. Brought to a boil, cooked the ramen in it, added in the toppings to cook and dumped all into a boil and arranged it. I boiled the egg separately and added it in. I know I lack actual vegetables but I didn't have any on hand.
Other than that, voila.
Instant Miso Ramen.


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