Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Topping

Okay...if Heaven was a cupcake, then I must have died at least 5 times. This must be one of the best red velvet cake recipes I have ever tried and the white chocolate-cream cheese topping is absolutely glorious! Topped with fresh raspberries, I felt so guilty but soooo pleased. The recipe itself is used to make a cake roll but I accidentally doubled the butter so I had to double everything else (clumsy me). I had enough for a roll and several mini cupcakes. The redness in my batter was less vibrant because I used a red gel rather than the liquid food coloring so I couldn't really estimate how much I needed but I love it nonetheless.
The cake roll required refrigeration time so I will post the results tomorrow. This would be my first time making a cake roulade...let's hope it's not a disaster? I will post the recipe of the roll and red velvet batter in the Red Velvet Cake Roll post.


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