Friday, August 20, 2010

Eggs Benedict

Alright. I have never poached an egg before, nor have I ever made Eggs Benedict. This is my first attempt and it was quite successful. Instead of actual ham or bacon, I used slices of vegetarian ham, pan fried with butter for extra flavor. Also, I ran out of English muffins and there was not a crumpet in sight so I used what I had-whole wheat bread. I used the edge of a glass to cut out circles the size of the ham slices and toasted the bread. I somewhat over toasted the toast but it softened with the hollandaise sauce and yolk so it was all good. And the hollandaise sauce, one word: HEAVEN. I absolutely LOVE it! I will definitely be using this sauce for future purposes.
As for poaching the egg, I will have to time it a bit longer, since the white wasn't completely solidified in one of the eggs. I am hoping to poach eggs in wine or balsamic vinegar in the future for a different kind of flavor shot.
Eggs Benedict (on toast)
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